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Clients see impact as progress in service. Every client faces barriers to achieving the goal that services offer. Services help them map their pathway to that goal. Overcoming their barriers, one at a time, services help them achieve the changes in their lives that they seek.

Communities see impact as outcomes. As clients change, their relationships with family, friends, neighbours, and others change. Many people in the community, experience client progress in service, directly and indirectly.

Funders see impact as value. Service providers that increase impact from 100 to 150 outcomes per $1 million in funding, add $500,000 in value to services per $1 million in service funding, creating a Return on Service of 50¢ per $1 of service funding.

Investors see impact as return. Service providers offering ventures that increase impact are opportunities for trading social impact with service funders. Capital ventures generating 50¢ of return per $1 of service funding for funders can earn return for investors.


balance technology and services for each service provider to measure and manage the Impact of services for the benefit of clients


reaches new heights in Social Capital Ventures

Every service provider generates Impact.

What’s your measure?