Impact ventures in human services bring together funders, investors and service providers in pursuit of greater social impact, benefiting people in need.

Every service provider has made improvements in their services at one time or another.

Ventures, promising greater impact with clients, are investment opportunities for social capital to trade social impact with government and charitable funders. Ventures are conducted with new social capital from investors, with no cost to participating service providers. Ventures generate social return (in offset savings) for funders and ROI for investors.

A social capital venture with an enterprising non-profit service provider, over three years, can create a social return for funder(s) 8 times the ROI for investors – returning, for example, $2.33 per $1 invested for funder(s) and 29ยข per $1 for investors.

Successful ventures can double the impact of services for clients

Capital trades social impact for return.

Do you have impact to trade?