About Softcare

Solutions for Helping People

Softcare began writing Solutions for Helping People in 2002. For more than a decade we focused on improving case management, enabling nonprofit human service providers to ensure client access to appropriate services according to their needs. While case management applications improve the efficiency and productivity of service delivery, they have little effect on the prevailing problem of resourcing human services.

Social Finance

Governments in several countries are sponsoring new instruments of social finance offering return to investors if the services they fund achieve a proven level of social impact with their clients. Successful ventures, however, are not able to balance risk with reward for investors or sponsors, and these instruments are having little impact on resourcing human services.

Increasing Supply

The supply of human services to people in need can be increased with more funding, or more efficient and effective use of available resources. In the past decade, Softcare has been working with a handful of nonprofit service providers, delivering a variety of human service programs. Our quest has been to find a practical way for providers themselves to measure and manage the rate of social impact of their services. By making impact measurable and manageable, enterprising providers can increase the rate of social impact of their services.

Solutions for Helping People now enable nonprofit human service providers to help more clients achieve more of the outcomes they seek in services with available services funding.