About Softcare

Softcare began writing Solutions for Helping People in 2002.

Our first generation of solutions was based on core case management functions:

  • opening cases
  • registering clients and family
  • assessing client eligibility and needs
  • planning client-specific services appropriate to their needs
  • assigning, coordinating and providing client services
  • reviewing client progress
  • closing cases

Later, we added program-specific components like:

  • standardized needs and capacities assessment protocols for child welfare, mental health, and employment services
  • administration of care and child allowances for child welfare
  • alternative and residential care inventories and client placements for child welfare and residential care services
  • means and needs tests, budgeting, and payment of allowances and claims to funders for social assistance
  • client benefits accrual accounting system.

A prevailing problem in human services has always been insufficient funding to meet demand, with:

  • wait lists of clients queued for admission to service
  • wait times of clients in service waiting for next service
  • dropouts of clients departing services with some or all of their presenting problems.

A principal issue is making better use of available funding, and there have been many initiatives of service providers to improve service efficiency and effect that have languished for lack of funding.

A decade ago, social finance initiated the use of private capital for such ventures in human services. Our Rheo™ solution enables non-profit service providers to measure social impact in real time, increasing the rate of social impact, attracting capital partners to fund their ventures, trading the increase in social impact with funders.

Softcare is Solutions for Helping People.