Impact Solutions comprise technology and services, enabling service providers to adopt impact measures in service delivery.

Human services convert funding, to staff, to services, to outcomes, generating their individual rate of social impact and value of service, helping people in need.

Each provider defines their rate and value in the way they employ resources in planning and implementing service processes.

Rheo technology enables them to record service data to gauge social impact as services are delivered.

Solution services help them baseline and manage their rate and value of social impact, from period to period. Read More About the Calculus of Services

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technology enables frontline staff to map client pathways from their needs, to goals, to services, to outcomes, allocating staff resources to manage client progress in service.

As clients achieve the outcomes they seek, Rheo gauges the impact of service enabling administrators to report on changes in the rate of social impact from period to period.

As administrators report changes in the rate of impact, program managers reallocate funding and staffing, and reach out to capital partners with ventures for increasing social impact to trade with funders.

Solution technical Services

Support the use of Rheo technology:

  • installing, hosting, updating, and optimizing Rheo
  • importing legacy data, and
  • providing on-going help line services

Solution technical assistance services

Support the use of social impact measures in the provision of services:

  • baselining measures of client and exit outcomes and their costs by program
  • standardizing terms for recording client needs, goals, services and outcomes by program
  • tailoring the application for recording service data by program
  • orienting case, service and program managers to the use of impact meaasures in service delivery:
    • monitoring changes in key performance indicators at the case, caseload and program levels, month by
      month, and quarter by quarter
    • refining the inventory of staff and the spectrum of staff skills
    • refining service delivery and recording procedures, according to changing impact measures
  • training staff and managers in the use and maintenance of Rheo technology

The foundation of Impact is every outcome of every client in service.

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