Social Impact Solutions enable service providers to manage the rate of social impact of their services, and trade the social asset they create with donors and investors.


Social Impact Solutions enable service providers to measure and report RoSI (Rate of Social Impact) and ROS (Return on Service funding). Softcare can turn nine (9) service measures, drawn from caseload records, monthly or quarterly, into regular reports of RoSI and ROS.

Reports like the one shown on the right contain measures by program, by office, by month or quarter. Base data reported monthly or quarterly to Softcare include:

  • program funding
  • roster of practitioners and supervisors
  • reported work-days of services staff
  • service time, working with clients
  • changes in client condition
  • active cases
  • cases with changes in client condition
  • cases with program exits
  • cases with changes and exits

Softcare converts these nine service variables drawn from active caseloads in a provider’s office, into derivative measures of performance, including changes in number and cost, over baseline, gauging rates of performance variance from period to period.

ab community services

Tells A Different Story

  • ABC Services Inc. is using $2.4 million in annual funding for an office with 12 FTEs (full time equivalents) of services staff delivering a program of employment services to clients.
  • Service time working with clients of these employees has increased over the past nine months from 21.1% of available service time to 26.7%, a 26.5% increase.
  • Clients achieving some or all of the changes in their condition that they seek in service have increased from an attributable measure of 21.0 per month to 35.8 per month, an increase of 70.2% over the nine month period of this report.
  • The number of successful client departures, exits from service into employment, has increased from an attributable measure of 5.6 per month to 6.0, an increase of 8.5% in the period.
  • The cost per attributable client and program outcomes has decreased by 36.4% over the period, from a baseline rate of $7,584 to $4,821.
  • ABC Services’ RoSI has increased by 57.3% from 131.9 attributable outcomes per $1 million in services funding to 207.4.
  • By increasing RoSI, ABC Services has added $1.39 million in value to services, representing a ROS (Return On Service) of 57¢ per $1 of services funding.

ABC Services is creating a social asset for trading with donors and investors for capital that will enable them to help more clients with available services funding.

1% Solution

Program evaluation offers a way of measuring attributable outcomes that clients achieve, that is expressed as the rate of social impact of a service provider. To manage RoSI, however, service providers need attributable changes in client condition as well as the program outcomes that reflect successful client departures from service to gauge the full impact of their services. Further, providers need continuous measures of client changes and program outcomes from period to period.

SIS (Social Impact Solutions) offer a practical alternative using case data being recorded by practitioners as they deliver services to clients.

The 1% Solution delivers complete and continuous measures of attributable outcomes of services – both progressive, client-specific changes, and successful departures. – as well as changes in the value of services rendered from period to period at a cost of 1% of program funding. Service providers report, monthly or quarterly, seven key service variables (listed below) from which Softcare extracts changes in RoSI and ROS, over baseline, from period to period.

key variables

6% Solution

If a provider finds that some or all of the complete count of client needs, goals, services and outcomes has to be found in narrative case notes, Softcare offers Rheo, a case management suite that covers the service delivery spectrum from client intake and registration, to the monthly or quarterly report of changes in RoSI and ROS, shown above, as software-as-a-service for 6% of services funding.
Send us your data and together we will begin reporting real measures of the impact and value of your services for trading with donors and investors.