Rheo™ is patent pending with the Office of Patents and Trademarks in Washington.

an app for all reasons

For Frontline Staff

Rheo™ enables case managers, service providers and supervisors to plan, organize, service, and assess client progress in service:

  • register clients, family members, trustees, and others
  • register collaterals by agency and office and position
  • assess client eligibility for admission
  • assess client needs for help with standardized or custom protocols
  • set standardized or individual client goals
  • shape client services with detailed plans of action for every client in service
  • authorize staff by service function
  • match staff skills to client goals
  • refer clients to appropriate external services
  • log service sessions with individual clients, family, and groups of clients
  • schedule and coordinate goal-directed service time
  • order and administer medications
  • place clients into residential, alternative, or custodial care
  • correspond with, and on behalf of, clients
  • make case notes associated with any service action
  • review and assess client progress, goal by goal
  • update plans with client changes
  • close cases.

enables frontline staff to view client progress in service, from day to day.

For Administrators

Digitization has brought dramatic changes in record keeping and reporting for administrators of human services. Service data is infinitely more mobile, migrating from paper records, stored in thick file folders, to electronic records available continuously on every desktop. Mobility makes service information infinitely more accessible for key service delivery decisions.

On the other hand, the mobility and accessibility of service data also demands new methods of administration to protect client confidentiality. Formerly, preparing reports on clients and services used to take days of work of  administrators, and, when assembled, offered only snapshots of services which are constantly changing. Rheo™ offers administrators several tools for securing service data, assuring the validity of service information, and preparing reports on service performance.

Rheo™ enables administrators to maintain, secure, and validate the flow of service data:

  • setting group and individual access privileges down to the level of data elements
  • invisibly encrypting service data in storage and in transmission
  • managing the synchronization of service data between Rheo™ Roamer and the agency’s master datafile
  • enabling or disabling most data elements, and setting, and editing lists of standardized terms for faster and more reliable recording
  • monitoring Data Audit™ and generating reports of error records across the database, by staff member, and service unit
  • vetting duplicate records and consolidating linked records with the, now, unduplicated parent record
  • restoring data, inadvertantly deleted, into active records
  • tracking every change in every record in Record Audit™
  • terminating and transfering caseloads from staff member to staff member
  • anonymizing all references to a particular client in selected sets of records
  • assembling, configuring and securely transmiting prescribed data assembled in Rheo to another database across the web
  • reconciling financial statements with allocations and claims for financial payments to clients and vendors serving clients (optional)
  • creating and saving custom and ad hoc reports of service and service performance data for management
  • updating statistics across the database.

Rheo™ goes where you go . . . working on or off line, under Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Rheo™ runs single or multiple programs of service . . .in SQL . . . stable, and fully encrypted, in storage or in transit.

Rheo™ resides in a secure Microsoft cloud . . . accessible at any time across a secure private network.

Rheo™ is only accessible with dual authentication, and service data is backed-up daily.

Rheo™ puts service performance information together with no interruption to users.

Rheo™ runs a fully integrated accrual accounting system for managing client allowances and care costs. (optional)

For Program Managers

Service funding has always been inadequate, creating waitlists of clients queuing for admission, wait times of clients queuing for the next service, and clients departing service with some or all of their presenting needs.

Increasing the rate of social impact enables more clients to achieve more outcomes, with available funding.

Rheo™ enables program managers to manage:

  • the inventory of available service time of staff employed by the agency
  • matching the staff inventory to changing needs of client cohorts
  • the rate of application of available service time to client services, working directly with clients in pursuit of the outcomes they seek
  • the rate of effect of client services enabling client and exit outcomes
  • the value of client services, in client and exit outcomes achieved by clients as a result of service effect
  • the return on service per $1 of service funding, by program.

Rheo™ enables program managers to participate in social finance, accessing needed capital for service improvements, by offering capital partners promises of increased social impact that you can deliver.